Rush Witt

Rush and his wife Kathryn have five children: Hannah (’04), Sophie (’06), Josiah (’08), Ezra (’13), and Ella Grace (’15). They enjoy the Bexley pool in the summer, the snow in the winter, and at other times fishing from a tiny boat. Kathryn spends time homeschooling the kids and serving at Paramount.

Rush has a Bachelor of Arts in Religion/Philosophy from Kentucky Wesleyan College, and a Master’s degree and Doctorate in Counseling from Southeastern Seminary. Along with his pastoral responsibilities, he works as Acquisitions Editor for P&R Publishing and as Chaplain for the Bexley Police Department. Rush is a Fellow within ACBC, and the author of Diehard Sins (P&R, 2018) and Planted in Truth (P&R, 2019).