Nick Ray

Nick is from Bakersfield California. He came to Ohio in 2017 to move closer to his fiancé, Emily. Nick is currently attending Taft College in California to obtain his business degree and Emily will be graduating from Capital University with her nursing degree. Nick and Emily have a passion for...

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Isaac 2

Isaac Barton

Isaac and his wife Holly have three wonderful girls, Rebekah (’08), Moriah (’10), and Elise (’12). They enjoy movies, music, parks, and spending time with friends. Holly is a full-time nurse and homemaker. Isaac has a BA in Humanities from The College at Southwestern and an M.Div from Southern Seminary....

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Brock 2

Brock Fellure

Brock is a Columbus native and has been a member of Paramount Church since the summer of 2018. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biblical Studies from Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky. Brock aspires to one day enter full-time pastoral ministry. Brock enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and drinking good...

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Kevin 2

Kevin King

Kevin is a father of four. Kevin moved to Columbus, Ohio from Jacksonville, Florida where he was Associate Pastor of First Baptist Church (South Campus) from 2010-2013. Before that he was on staff as the Young Couples/ Median Adult Pastor at First Baptist Church from 2001-2010. Kevin enjoys hunting and...

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Josh 2

Josh Rosentreter

Josh is married to Brittany and they have lived in Columbus since 2013. During this time Josh completed his M.Div through an online program with Southern Seminary. He works as an Sales Specialist for Accetpd Inc, and plans to be the lead pastor with a future church plant. Brittany helps...

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Rush 2

Rush Witt

Rush and his wife Kathryn have five children: Hannah (’04), Sophie (’06), Josiah (’08), Ezra (’13), and Ella Grace (’15). They enjoy the Bexley pool in the summer, the snow in the winter, and at other times fishing from a tiny boat. Kathryn spends time homeschooling the kids and serving...

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Paramount Ministry Leadership Pipeline

Isaac Barton (Teaching Rotation)
Kevin King (Teaching Rotation)
Josh Rosentreter (Teaching Rotation)

Dave King (Monthly Teacher)
Brad Lybarger (Monthly Teacher)
Nick Ray (Monthly Teacher)

Isaac Barton (Group Leader)
Brad Lybarger (Group Assistant Leader)
Court Bowman (Group Leader)
Jon Vickery (Group Assistant Leader)
Kevin King (Group Leader)
Dave Hall (Group Assistant Leader)
Mike Martin (Group Leader)
Brock Fellure (Group Assistant Leader)
Josh Rosentreter (Group Leader)
Leland Bowman (Group Assistant Leader)
James Whitehead (Group Leader)
Dave King (Group Assistant Leader)
Rush Witt (Group Leader)
Ben Kohls (Group Assistant Leader)

Brock Fellure (Director)
Mandy Heintzelman (Social Media Events, Bulletin, Announcements Leader)
Jon Vickery (Social Media, Advertising Leader)

Jared Kirk (Director)
Abby Kirk (Director)
Leland Bowman (Greeter)
Christal Hall (Greeter)
Dave Hall (Greeter)
Ricky Pawlowski (Greeter)
Marna Pawlowski (Greeter)
James Whitehead (Greeter)
Kirsten Whitehead (Greeter)
Ben Kohls (LOL)
Becca Nappi (LOL)

Kevin Heaton (Director)
Leland Bowman (Leader)
Andrew Czirayak (Leader)
Dave Hall (Leader)
Jia Hu (Leader)
Dave King (Leader)
Jim McIntosh (Leader)
Jack Tappee (Leader)
Sam Wagers (Leader)

Amy Hartmann (Director)
Josh Rosentreter (Director)

Cheri Bowman (Team Leader)
Court Bowman (Team Leader)
Mike Martin (Team Leader)
Holly Barton (Band Member)
Zach Nappi (Band Member)
John Richmond (Band Member)
Brittany Rosentreter (Band Member)
Josh Rosentreter (Band Member)
Rob Trennepohl (Band Member)
Sandy Veres (Band Member)
Jon Vickery (Band Member, Sound Team Leader)
Jonathan Bowman (Sound Team Leader)
Andrew Harmon (Sound Team Leader)

Amy Hartmann (Director)

Brittany Rosentreter (Director)
Marna Pawlowski (Teaching Team Leader)
Hope Barnes (Lead Teacher)
Leland Bowman (Lead Teacher)
Tiffany Davis (Lead Teacher)
Mila Freeborn (Lead Teacher)
Kelly Hartmann (Lead Teacher)
Emily Harvey (Lead Teacher)
Kelly Heaton (Lead Teacher)
Laura Heaton (Lead Teacher)
Mandy Heintzelman (Lead Teacher)
Dave King (Lead Teacher)
Gretchen McIntosh (Lead Teacher)
Marna Pawlowski (Lead Teacher)
Brittany Rosentreter (Lead Teacher)
James Whitehead (Lead Teacher)
Kirsten Whitehead (Lead Teacher)
Mandy Heintzelman (Clean Up/Check Out Team Leader)
Megan Bowman (Clean Up/Check Out Leader)
Laura Heaton (Children’s Song Leader)
Andrew Cziryak (Clean Up/Check Out Leader)
Sam Wagers (Clean Up/Check Out Leader)
Kirsten Whitehead (Clean Up/Check Out Leader)

Rush Witt (Director)

Zach Nappi (Director)
Jia Hu (Signage Leader, Yard Care Leader)
Jack Tappee (Signage Leader)
Leland Bowman (Custodial Leader)
Andrew Cziryak (Security Leader)
James Whitehead (Security Leader)
Nick Anderson (Yard Care Leader)
Jim Eckles (Yard Care Leader)
Ben Kohls (Yard Care Leader)
James Whitehead (Yard Care Leader)

Holly Barton (Director)
Debbie King (Director)
Kathryn Witt (Director)