• This Is Happy Living

    Refuse to see anything without seeing God in it. Regard the creatures as the mirror of the great Creator. Do not imagine that you have understood His works till you have felt the Presence of the great Worker, Himself. Do Go to Full Article Author: Rush

  • A Simple Acrostic for Prayer: A.C.T.S.

    Simple, helpful, instructional article by Sproul. See the full article below… Christians often use a simple acrostic as a guide to prayer: A.C.T.S. Each of the letters in this acrostic stands for one of the key elements of prayer. Full Go to Full Article Author: Rush

  • 6 Attitudes We Need When Studying the Bible | Crossway Articles

    Great article. Read more below. It is a great blessing that God has revealed himself and that we have access to that revelation and Bibles in our own language. Full Article: 6 Attitudes We Need When Studying the Bible | Go to Full Article Author: Rush

  • Why the Best Missions Sermon Is All About God’s Sovereignty – Tim Challies

    The Great Sermon Series has been such an enjoyable one. I’ve benefitted greatly from Challies writing – in books and online – as long as I can remember. And this series is just another example. I hope you will watch Go to Full Article Author: Rush

  • YBF Event Rescheduled

    We’re going to reschedule the upcoming YBF Bible Study. It was scheduled for this Friday, however, since we’ll have a low crowd, we’ll reschedule to Friday July 6, from 6:30-8:30 pm @ the Bowman’s residence, which is 407 Northview Dr, Bexley, 43209. If you have any questions, feel free to...

  • Reflections on the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention

    Founders Ministries once again this year had a booth at the annual Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). We were able to give away nearly 2000 copies of the 1689 Baptist Confession … More Full Article: Reflections on the 2018 Southern Baptist Go to Full Article Author: Rush

  • What Is Discernment?

    As expected, a very helpful article from Sinclair Ferguson, on the topic of discernment. Link below. True discernment means not only distinguishing the right from the wrong; it means distinguishing the primary from the secondary, the essential from the indifferent, and Go to Full Article Author: Rush

  • Catching Foxes by John Henderson

    It’s summer-time and newlywed bliss is in the air. Are you close to someone newly married or on the brink of tying the knot?  An extremely clear and helpful book to offer is Catching Foxes: A Gospel-Guided Journey to Marriage by Go to Full Article Author: Rush

  • John Owen’s Three Prayer Points for Pastors | Banner of Truth USA

    In this article Banner of Truth examines the advice John Owen offers about what the preacher should pray about…It’s a short, helpful read. We have been charting the biblically wise advice of John Owen for pastors, given in an ordination sermon preached

  • Never Despair of One

    Ministers ought never to despair of the salvation of any sinner.  To despair of any one is just the way to make him despair of himself.  Many have been ruined in this way, probably.  We ought to expect sinners to