On this happy 185th birthday of the incomparable Charles Spurgeon, I believe he was a happy christian despite the dark clouds of depression which often darkened his skies. Happiness in Jesus is a fight, and Spurgeon was an admirable fighter. The sermon “A Happy Christian” was preached long who in London, but Spurgeon’s rich words resonate even today. Read this. Go to Full Article Author: Rush


For many people, the most difficult part of sharing the gospel with someone is starting a conversation. If you are a Christian, you probably know enough about the gospel to lead someone to Christ. Therefore, the problem is not that the gospel is hard to explain, but the problem of starting a conversation that gives most Christians trouble. Let’s go back to the basics and make evangelism easy. Basically, an evangelistic conversation is made up of 5 stages. 1. Warm Connection, 2. Mutual Interest3. The Shift 4. Gospel Presentation5. Questions and Answers. In this post, we will direct our attention to these stages and explore how they work together. Stage […]


In my sermon yesterday, I provided “10 Ways to Hear God More Clearly,” summarized from Thomas Watson’s book Heaven Taken By Storm. And I promised my church that these principles would be posted online, in case they were not able to write them down in the course of my preaching about them. Thomas Watson lived from 1620-1686. He is widely recognized as a faithful leader among the Puritans; well-read and well-loved by many. Heaven Taken By Storm is a book about the Christian life. In particular, he addresses the need for all Christians to take Christ seriously, and to fight valiantly for gospel comfort and holiness through faith in Jesus. […]


Just when the NBA Finals threaten to pull the dark, oppressive, basketball-less cloud over the summer months, a bright spot. Not just a bright spot; a brilliantly, burning sun of hope and happiness! Malcolm Gladwell is back with his captivating and enlightening podcast, “Revisionist History!” Honestly, Season 3 took a dip, yet remained lovable, listenable Gladwell. I fully expect Season 4 to shine yet again! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the gist. Author and speaker Malcolm Gladwell has flexible time and money to travel and investigate events, people, stories, and places which have been forgotten or misunderstood. He interviews, studies, thinks, and commentates with brilliance and […]


I recently posted a resource about giving and taking critique. Today, another helpful article caught my attention. The following link at Ligonier contains a letter written by John Newton, to a correspondent who was about to blast a fellow minister in writing. Newton gives clear, concise, and beautiful advice. On Controversy Go to Full Article Author: Rush


So I’ve been using a chronological Bible reading plan. (This is the first time I’ve read it chronologically.) I aim for two kinds of reading when it comes to books and the Bible: power reading and precision reading. Power reading is when I push forward to read quickly, while still maintaining a good level of comprehension. When precision reading, I slow down and focus in. My continual challenge is to maintain a healthy balance between these two kinds of reading. I love to “get through” things, so I often find myself quickly marching forward while missing some important things. Anyway…Today, my reading plan took me across Psalm 116. In the […]


Question: Does a Christian need to earn the right to share the gospel with another person? Today, I’ve been thinking about a question I have asked and been asked. Does a Christian need to earn the right to share the gospel with another person. This is a one of those important questions which ought not be simply and quickly answered, because there’s more than meets the eye. I hope my answer to this question has improved and deepened over the years. Answer: No…and yes. First, the obvious answer to the question is “no.” By faith in Christ, every Christian is called, authorized, and empowered to be an ambassador of Christ. […]


Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Psalm 116:15 David Powlison has died. Today at 11:00 am, under the care of Hospice, family, and friends, he passed into the ultimate rest of Jesus Christ and His soul-satisfying good news. I met David Powlison four times. The first time was in seminary when I met him by-proxy through his influence upon a number of my professors and pastors. Biblical counseling was new to me (as was just about everything else). It was clear from the start that this person named Powlison had profoundly influenced those who were influencing me. Wise and winsome were his ways […]


Criticism. Some love it, others hate it. Some people develop a critical spirit from which they routinely dish it out. Others struggle to take it, even when it’s lovingly ministered. There is a kind of criticism which is loving, sensible, and constructive. This kind is a gift of God’s wisdom in grace. There is another kind of criticism which belongs to the fallen world system. It’s unloving, unreasonable, and altogether destructive. (Oh, how many times have I displayed just this kind of critical spirit!) No matter who you are, criticism is a challenging part of life which we must learn to handle well; both giving and receiving. Whether you are […]