The Gospel of Jesus opens the way to joy. How am I still awakening to this? There are many ways to capture my heart and life. But this truth remains: in the Lord’s hand are pleasures forevermore. And by faith in Jesus, that hand is opened to me. In Jesus alone are all the treasures [and pleasures] of wisdom and knowledge (Col. 2:3).  You will make known to me the path of life;           In Your presence is fullness of joy;           In Your right hand there are pleasures forever. Psalm 16:11 Jesus is joy.  Go to Full Article Author: Rush


My six year old asked me for another biscuit at breakfast this morning. Not the British kind of biscuit, but a fluffy, buttery, American biscuit smeared with blackberry jelly. I happily gave it to him. And I took one for myself. We ate biscuits. But it made me wonder, as I’ve been thinking lately about my attitude toward God, What if…? Can you imagine what would happen if I met his request with something utterly un-biscuity? What if I gave him a rock or a stick. Or a plate teeming with spiders. Can you imagine his reaction if I slid a clutter of hairy, plated spiders across the breakfast table. […]


I love study tools. They have helped me learn, remember, and apply what I’ve studied. Here’s one tool I’ve used from time to time: a bookmark containing some ideas for how to mark a Bible or book. This is not the only way to do such a thing. Adapt it as necessary for your own benefit! Design Credit: W. Price Go to Full Article Author: Rush


From time to time we hear wonderful compliments ascribed to the people around us. Sometimes the compliment is about the person’s appearance. Sometimes about his generosity or her gentle spirit. Perhaps above them all, my attention is captured when I hear a person described as a true shepherd.  “He really knows how to care for other people.”  “She is in tune with people around her and knows exactly when and how to help.” “He seems always to know what to say and how to say it.” These are some of the sweetest compliments I can imagine. And it likely that we all know someone who carry these characteristics honestly. They […]


Promoting helpful Christian reading is important part of the Church’s responsibility to promote the announcement of good news. This post aims to promote a well-written resource for those seeking to better understand the differences between Roman Catholic and Protestant beliefs. Nothing in my hand I bring became available in 2007 as a publication of Matthias Media. It was written by Ray Galea. A recipient of a thoroughly Catholic upbringing, Galea did not want to simply take His Catholicism for granted. He set out to investigate these differences between Protestant Christians and the Catholic friends, neighbors, and family among whom he was raised.  Nothing in my hand I bring is a […]


In timely fashion, the audio recordings from the 2019 CCEF National Conference are available at this link. The conference topic covered all facets of anxiety, and how God brings peace through an intentional walk with Jesus. These sessions are highly valuable to all of us, even if you don’t consider yourself a counselor. Every Christian is called by God and equipped through His Word to care for the souls of others. And even more, we are called to watch over our own souls as people who live coram deo, before the face of God. If you can spare the money, these audio sessions (main sessions and breakout sessions) are well […]