Paramount Church Family, We want you to know about a change to our method of online giving to the church. Up until now, we have used EasyTithe to receive online donations, a service provided at no cost to us by our church planting network. At the end of May, EasyTithe will no longer be available to us. After considering the options, we decided to transition our online giving to a service called Church Center, which uses Stripe and Apple Pay. Thought it’s available until the end of May, please transition your method of online giving to this new method. You can do that by visiting the online giving page of […]


“But reading as slowly as O’Hara did in 1959 was easier then than now. The concept of being busy had not reached it’s apogee, as it has in the twenty-first century. To read slowly today is not just unfashionable but nearly impossible. We are in a permanent hurry, and even a move to the sticks cannot protect us from the multiple occupations we administer as members of a global, web-connected community. The internet helps us be more efficient. But it also compiles us to do more things with more people, and have less time to read, let alone slowly. The micro-edit, more than macro-, demands an unhurried pace. So, when […]

FINISH the Bible

Yo yo yo, what’s up. Listen to this. COVID will probably be with us for another 80 days (if not longer). Many of us have a little extra time on our hands. What shall we do with it?At a medium pace, the Bible may be read through in about 80 hours. If you set a timer for 1 hour, each day, for the next 80 days, you’ll finish the Bible before COVID finishes with us. That would be a beautiful use of some free time! You could follow the M’Cheyne One Year Reading Plan, but keep reading until each hour is up. Let’s get it!M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan Go to […]