Yesterday, I quoted in my sermon a poem by William Cowper. Perhaps most famous for his hymn “God Moves in A Mysterious Way,” Cowper walked a dark and heavy road. His life was plagued by depression, thoughts and even attempt of suicide. But the grace of God carried William forward, and drew from his heart a gospel refrain. Read the poem again below: ‘I love the Lord,’ is still the strainThis heart delights to sing:But I reply–your thoughts are vain,Perhaps ’tis no such thing. Before the power of love divineCreation fades away;Till only God is seen to shineIn all that we survey. In gulfs of awful night we findThe God […]


I love to lie outside in the grass, To watch the clouds in the sky as they pass. I love to imagine the shapes that I see. Some look like animals and people to me. I’ve seen turtles, chipmunks, and cuddly bears. I once saw a monkey that lost all his hair. Some clouds are thick and some are thin. Did I tell you, I saw a pink and blue hen? Some clouds move fast, but most are slow. Just yesterday, I saw a three-headed crow. There’s a mom kangaroo with her jumpy son, Joey. And close behind them creeps a cat named Cloe. Galloping across is a horse named […]


Tomorrow we begin our slow return to regular corporate worship at Paramount Church! I’m thankful for church members who have expressed in text, and email, and in person their support, understanding, love, and joyful cooperation during a challenging time for the church. They have honored, supported, encouraged, advised, spoken well of, defended, and spoken well of their leaders. Pastors experience unique challenges in the midst of these troubles, and grace-filled church members make the difference. Here’s an good example used with permission: Hi! I just wanted you three [pastors] to know that I pray for you always, but especially this week. I can’t even begin to understand your stress and […]


Beginning June 7, Paramount Church plans to resume Sunday corporate worship at 10:30 am. Thank you for responding to the Church Restart Survey. Based on those responses, a link to the attendance schedule will arrive by text or email (not publicly posted online). At this point, we will follow a two-week rotation through the beginning of July, at which time we will reconsider our plans moving forward. We ask anyone who attends church in person to observe COVID safety guidelines. In particular, we encourage everyone (except those leading from the platform) to wear masks and practice social distancing. If you are not able to bring your own mask, some will […]