ACTS: Praying with Purpose

As we continue our study of prayer – involving adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication – here are some ways you might put all this into practice.

Pray with us!

1. Praise for His sovereignty over our circumstances.
2. Adoring God for His goodness to us in Christ with every blessing to the praise of His glorious grace.
3. Praise God that He acts for His own glory.
4. Delighting in God as our highest treasure.
5. Praise God because He doesn’t give us what we deserve.

1. Forgive us for treasuring other things and people over You.
2. We confess that we are often concerned for our own glory, according to our little kingdom of self.
3. We confess that we have hidden faults for which we need your mercy.
4. Forgive us for the trouble our sin brings upon others.
5. We confess the low value we have placed on Jesus and His marvelous redeeming work.

1. Thank you for saving sinners like us by grace alone.
2. We give thanks for your ongoing patience with us.
3. Thank you for your perfect knowledge of our lives and all things in your world.
4. Thank you for wooing me to your will.
5. We give thanks for your constant and intimate presence in our lives.

1. Please make us bold in evangelism and lead us to your treasured elect.
2. Prune our lives so we look, act, and worship more like Jesus.
3. Give us an abiding love for those who need to come to Christ.
4. Grant us discernment to know the difference between truths and lies in this world, and to choose wisely how we live.
5. Renew in us the joy of Your salvation.