Thoughts for Good Friday

Reading Time: 2 minutesAt first people didn’t notice how remarkable of a man Jesus was. There is very little record of his early years and essentially nothing of his early adulthood. But it wasn’t long before people saw him healing the sick and calming the seas. Even the wind and waves obey him. I love how Sally Lloyd-Jones puts it in her Jesus Storybook Bible “the wind and the waves recognized Jesus’ voice.” This unstately, unassuming man had the voice of their creator. Thinking about Jesus as creator, puts many of the events of Good Friday in a new light. When Jesus died nature itself began to cry out in […]

Maundy Thursday

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn Palestine, 2000 years ago, the days were counted sunset to sunset. This means that Good Friday as we think of it started on a Thursday night. Of course as best as we can tell it was all one night for Jesus too. He went up the mountain to pray and came back down in custody, a prisoner on the way to the cross. But before the betrayals and kangaroo courts, before the beatings and the cross, Jesus was in a room with his closest friends sharing a meal. In the light of the rest of the Bible this isn’t surprising. Close fellowship is often tied to […]