It’s big to be small! That’s why Paramount Church remains unmoved in our commitment to small groups. Our Community Groups meet in homes of church members on weekday evenings (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays). Faithful men of the church are appointed and trained to lead our small groups, as an extension of the shepherding ministry of our pastors.

Community Group life is important for many reasons, but here are just three:

  1. Jesus’ ministry to and through His disciples set an example to us of small group ministry. On a regular basis, Jesus met with His followers in small groups. Thus, we are delighted to follow in the wisdom and example of our King, meeting together in small groups for the purpose of fellowship and strength.
  2. We cannot provide all the necessary discipleship and pastoral care during the Sunday morning worship hour alone. We believe whole-heartedly in the corporate gathering of the whole church for worship, preaching, and fellowship. But we can accomplish even more through small group interaction. The conversation can be more intimate, the instruction can be more practical to life, and our relationships can become deeper as brothers and sisters in Christ.
  3. Small group ministry provides a vehicle for loving accountability and discipline. When trouble comes, every Christian needs brothers and sisters nearby who can bring help and comfort. Community Group members are better prepared to lovingly correct, guide, and restore one another because of their weekly investment in each other’s lives.

Every Christian needs the benefit and help of community group ministry, and for this reason a growing small group ministry will remain central to our church life! We love it!

But wait. Community Groups do not have a power in and of themselves, Their value to our lives comes from the participation of each group member. Personal investment is key. So, how can you invest yourself and increase the strength of your community group? Follow the 3 Ps:

The first P may sound obvious; and it is! But it’s also so easily forgotten. Nothing reveals our lingering immaturity than our neglect of prayer. Because we don’t believe church (on Sunday morning, or in Community Groups, or any other time) is consumed like a product or service, we also don’t expect the ministries of our church to simply shoot out value to our lives apart from divine power and personal investment. Thus, we should be in regular prayer for our community groups and their members. We need God to move in our groups, so pray, pray, and pray some more.

Each week, our community groups discussion a few practical questions. We aim to apply to life the truths we hear on Sunday morning. You can find these questions listed in the weekly bulletin. Knowing these questions ahead of time allows you to think about your own life, and then share about your need and plan for change. And by preparing ahead of time, you won’t feel like you’re scrambling to think of something to share with others when discussion begins. You’ll be ready!

Everyone knows what it’s like to have a poor discussion partner. You feel the weight of keeping the conversation going all by yourself. My parents felt this every day of my childhood. My mom asks me “How was your day?” and I say, “It was fine.” That’s it. That’s all I ever said. Some kids are terrible conversationalists. If we’re not careful, this trend can follow us into adulthood. But as we mature as Christians, we see the importance and joy of sharing life together, and that means talking about life together. One of the very best things you can do to help your community group leader and fellow members is come prepared to share your thoughts and ask helpful questions. The more you participate, the more your group will flourish, and the more your relationships will deepen. Truly, it’s a beautiful thing to see Christians participating together in the Christian life.

There you have it! Some things to consider and some things to practice as you invest your life in the life of your church. If you don’t yet belong to a community group, or if you’d like to be our guest at an upcoming small group meeting, check out the community group page.