I love the preaching of our church! And we heard another helpful message from Pastor Isaac this past Sunday. Perhaps I love most the way good preaching connects theology to reality. Sometimes theology can fly above our heads, all etherial like. But when done well, theology comes down from the heights, and enters our neighborhoods. It connects to real life. … Read More



We find ourselves asking this question more and more. Sometimes, the losses and crosses of a hard life seem to mount and grow. Unrelenting troubles crash on our shores over and over again. And we ask (perhaps in exasperation), Why does this stuff keep happening? We can find in Scripture many answers to this question. In fact, I found one today … Read More



Last Sunday, we enjoyed yet another delight in our church. We welcomed four new members, two of which made public profession of faith in Jesus by baptism the previous Sunday. In an hour of burden and weakness in many churches, the Lord brings bright spots to encourage our faith and church. It’s a beautiful thing. At Paramount Church, we hold … Read More

3 Truths for Parents & Teachers at Back to School 2020

As we round the final corner of summer and enter the beginning of a school year like none before it, anxious worry lurks behind many plans and binds itself to the thoughts of parents and teachers. The questions come in endless variations but the substance is the same.

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Baptism Service 4/11

Join us tomorrow Thursday, April 11th at 7 pm to witness the awesome picture of our faith that is declared through baptism of a believer. The service will be held at Reynoldsburg Baptist Church located at 887 Rosehill Rd, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068. See you there!

Seeing the Goodness of God in Death and Infertility

I am writing this only a few hours out from our first miscarriage as my wife and I make our way to my dad’s wedding. My mom died from cancer in 2014, and now my Dad has found love again. He has been an excellent example of savoring the goodness of God in the midst of trial, and when I … Read More

We are but men.

In Romans chapter 1, Paul tells us our central problem as fallen people is a worship disorder. We have exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator. Suppressing the truth in our unrighteousness, apart from Christ we worshiped a lie – we worshiped ourselves. The essence of our Fall into … Read More

Another Reason to Join a Church

There are many good reasons to join a local church. But there is yet another: love. In this way, I do not mean just the Christian compulsion to love; to love other Christians. I am referring, instead, to our inability to love – our inability to love everyone with the same intensity and devotion. Some Christians object to this emphasis … Read More

In Heaviness, Don’t Despair

When we feel the weight of our weakness – a fresh sense of our inadequacies and our powerlessness – let’s not despair. Go to the gospel. It is a pillow for weary heads. These words have instilled hope when it’s been heavy. Psalm 42:5 – Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why have you become disturbed within … Read More

Hope and Help for Darkness

Listen here to the testimony of Kathryn Witt, who suffered through depression and anxiety. She found hope and help in Christ and His good news.