Church Attendance Update

Paramount Family,

As of today, Coronavirus numbers continue to climb and it seems that new guidance is released every day. Some parts of our community are opening back up while others are shutting their doors again.

As pastors we remain committed to both the physical and spiritual health of our church family and our neighbors. We know that this is a deadly virus and the number of cases continues to grow. We also recognize that the Bible places a high premium on the gathering of the church and that any decision not to gather should not be taken lightly. We are grateful for your prayers for wisdom throughout this time and ask that you will continue to pray that God will lead our church–His church–in the direction he would have us walk.

In the coming weeks, we plan to continue meeting in our present format. This means that we will continue to stream our services online while also continuing a rotating schedule for meeting in person. Over the past month, this strategy has allowed us to meet in a limited way while still being able to maintain physical distance in the building. In order to keep doing this, it is crucial that we do not grow weary and that we remain diligent in our efforts to keep the virus from spreading. This means please continuing to maintain six feet between you and others and washing your hands frequently.

As you probably know, our surrounding community has adopted an ordinance requiring masks be worn in public. In light of this, Paramount leadership asks that all members and visitors wear masks while in the building with no exceptions. We rejoice that we have government leaders that are seeking the well-being of our neighbors. Our church leadership welcomes the opportunity to obey government leaders in their efforts to protect public health and to love our neighbors in this way during this time. We do not wear masks out of fear for ourselves but as an expression of the biblical admonition that through love we ought to serve one another (Gal 5:13).

As brothers and sisters of one body, we recognize that each individual and each household has unique factors to consider in deciding when they are ready to return to church in person. You might miss gathering, deeply desire to come, and still not believe that it is right at this time. Health concerns, employment concerns, relationship concerns and any host of other factors could influence a decision to return to church. Consider reaching out to a pastor or another wise friend to think about what the best steps are for you. It is our prayer as a church that every conscience would remain clear and not be wounded in this time.

If you would like to be added to the scheduled rotation or if you decide at a later time that you would like to be added, fill out a survey. Please know that there is room built in to the schedule for guests, so if you would like to invite friends please do.

We are all bound to still have questions about the virus, the numbers, and the dangers it poses. As creatures we never have all the facts. Only God is all-knowing. He asks us to faithfully obey His Word the best we can with what we know today, guided by our love for God, His word, and love for our neighbors.

We all look forward to a time when masks and distance is no longer the norm. And we know it will not be forever. Disease and death will one day soon be abolished.

In the meantime, we are grateful for Paramount Church. Your commitment to the Lord and your love for one another is an encouragement to the body and a witness declaring the gospel to the world.

The Pastors