Church-Wide Update

Dear Paramount Church –

Your pastors love you and hope you are staying healthy in body and strong in spirit. We could not be happier about the ways you — the Church — has responded to the current crisis. Countless stories of generosity, concern, prayer, and care brighten this difficult time.

We are grateful for common grace tools like Facebook and Zoom, which allow us to stay in touch far better than we would without them. Thank you for remaining diligent to participate in the life and ministries of our church. The pandemic brings major challenges and tests, and our gospel-focused response is imperative.

Good Friday and Easter Services Update
Good Friday and Easter bring much joy to our church. This year we expect no less, though our plan to observe and celebrate must change. As mentioned during yesterday’s live stream, we plan to hold our Good Friday and Easter services online–broadcasted through Facebook and our webpage–per our current format.

Good Friday – April 10, 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Easter Worship – April 12, 10:30 am

As you would under normal circumstances, please invite others to “join” us for these important services. Our joy-filled mission to make the Gospel paramount remains. Please like, share, and invite others online. Make your own social media posts to inform people of the online services. And you might even text or email friends who you think will tune in, and perhaps join us in person when the virus is past. We can and must remain strong in evangelistic zeal.

Continue in Faithful Giving
During this unique time in history many people are struggling, and in many ways. This includes churches. Large churches, in particular, feel the pain of decreased giving, and smaller churches are not immune. By your continued faithful giving (as God allows), Paramount Church will remain on a strong forward path. If church giving declines, our pastors will make difficult decisions to prioritize our ministries to one another and to our communities.

The church will continue to receive tithes and offerings through online giving or through the mail (211 N Merkle Road). We remain ambitious in our mission to glorify God and bless our neighbors. And we each–the members of Christ’s body–play integral roles together. We will keep church members abreast of church finances, as normal. Our hope and prayer is that Paramount Church will re-surface stronger than ever whenever our Lord breaks the pandemic.

God’s Gift to Us
This final point calls for celebration! To close a season of patient, focused prayer, Paramount Church officially purchased church property today. We are grateful to the Lord for His incredible gift, and we look forward to the many ways God will use our permanent location to magnify the Gospel in our communities. Praise God!

Paramount Church Home

In the near future, we will announce more details of our building improvement plans. A skilled team of knowledgable church members have come together and will lead us forward wisely, and we will stay updated every step of the way.

Your Pastors –

Rush, Kevin, and Isaac