Expect to Be Changed

Expect to be changed by a relationship with Jesus. When we don’t change, then our attitude toward Him has more in common with a casual date than with a transforming marriage to someone who deeply loves you. What you
are looking for is a relationship that gives you a new way to live.

– If you really believe that you have been loved by God, you will notice that you are more aware of others. You will begin to love others more deeply. You will notice that whereas you once needed the approval of others, you now
need their approval less and you seek to love them more.
– If you know that you have been forgiven because of what Christ did rather than what you did, you will begin to release the debts of others. Instead of holding their sins against them you will forgive as you have been forgiven.
– If you know that you have received mercy, you will be quicker to confess your own sin. Not only will you begin to notice joy after confession, you will also notice that you are less apt to stand in judgment of others, because you know that your sins are at least as great as theirs.
– If you know that God has been generous in giving you Himself, you will find that you are more generous with your time and money. – Ed Welch, JBC (Winter 2004).