Criticism. Some love it, others hate it. Some people develop a critical spirit from which they routinely dish it out. Others struggle to take it, even when it’s lovingly ministered. There is a kind of criticism which is loving, sensible, and constructive. This kind is a gift of God’s wisdom in grace. There is another kind of criticism which belongs to the fallen world system. It’s unloving, unreasonable, and altogether destructive. (Oh, how many times have I displayed just this kind of critical spirit!)

No matter who you are, criticism is a challenging part of life which we must learn to handle well; both giving and receiving. Whether you are a critical person who needs to change his ways; or a person who needs help taking criticism to heart, may the following link help you the way it has helped me.

“The Cross and Criticism” by Alred Poirier –

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Author: Rush