We tore open presents from under the tree. Christmas dinner topped off our snack-filled bellies, and then a new year rang. We threw confetti and slept in the next morning. Our kids made snowmen and snow angels, while the dads shoveled and the moms sipped coffee.

The sun came out and the school year ended. Off to vacation at the beach. We came home and played at the pool. At night we laughed at our old, wrinkled faces.

The parade was nice—people dressed in red, white, and blue threw candy to us as they floated past. Fireworks popped and fizzled overhead. We slept in and then played again at the pool. My, how the summer is flying by. The school year is about to start again.

All the while, on the other side of the world, Wang Yi…

Pray for the persecuted church in China, and around the globe.

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Author: Rush