At all times, and especially these recent times of difficulty, our church body has pursued unity and sought ways to walk forward together in unison. One of the ways that we are trying to hone in on these ideas is with a church organization software. We’ve already “Church Center” this to be a beneficial tool for our use and we  are always looking for more and better ways to utilize it! Here are some of the ways we want you to use this tool!

We have created an online church directory from which you can find the contact information for any other member of the church, and in most cases, when you select them it immediately asks how you would like to

contact them! This directory has also been used to send out Church-wide announcements to make sure that everyone is able to stay in the loop! As we move forward, this will also be where members will be able to see any Church events that we have coming up.

We have community groups in the system! These groups include  information on each group including the address or location for the community group (specifics are only visible to members of the group) who the members are, and when the group meets. This will be a great way to let people see what groups are close to them as they learn about our church. Another cool feature is that

members have the ability to send group messages from within the group! My group has been using this to share prayer requests, and send general group updates if/when they are needed. This helps keep people organized and in one place rather than searching through texts or keeping up with a ‘group me’ or something  similar.

We have also moved our tithe/giving into this system as well! Members have the ability to give their offering easily within the app, and you can set up your account with your bank account info, or credit card info (it is worth noting that a small fee is taken out of your offering when using a credit card). You can set up your giving to happen one time, or on a

schedule. This payment method is no different from any of the online stores that we frequently buy from, they also have high security so that our information is secure.

This system is what we are beginning to use to keep track of our guests, attendance, our various ministries, and so much more. If you need help setting up Church Center, please contact your community group leader.