Paramount Church is glad to connect with Southeastern Seminary (Wake Forest, NC) and The Southern Baptist Seminary (Louisville, KY) to provide on-site instruction and ministry supervision to ministry-minded students.

About the Program

equipEarn course credit in approved ministerial contexts: Theological formation. Contextual ministry experience. Character assessment.
Southeastern and Southern seminaries requires students to remain actively involved in ministry while pursuing rigorous formal theological training. MAP provides a direct avenue to weld serious academic study with supervised service in a local ministry context. Theologically driven ministry is the heart and soul of our apprenticeship program and we are looking for qualified sites (churches and para-church organizations) as well as missionally driven students. Character assessment in conjunction with theological formation and contextual ministry experience will be signature contributions of this program to the overall teaching and training in a student’s bachelor’s or master’s program.
MAP Curriculum includes: 18 elective credit hours of the M.Div. Program

Three Integrative Seminars will serve as credited opportunities for students to earn MDiv elective hours through ministry apprenticeships. Partnering Churches and Organizations with qualifying academic credentials can direct students in the following ministry/theology training:

Integrative Seminar I: Leadership (Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism, and Ministry; 6 hours)
Integrative Seminar II: Proclamation (School of Theology, 6 hours)
Integrative Seminar III: Outreach (Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism, and Ministry; 6 hours)

EQUIP Curriculum includes: 18-21 elective credit hours of the M.Div. Program

Field Ministry Courses:
PMN6591/EQC – Supervised Field Ministry with an EQUIP Church
MIN4650/EQC – Supervised Field Ministry with an EQUIP Church (UNDERGRADUATE)
MIS6901/EQC – Practicum in North American Missions

Ministry Practicum Courses:
PMN6501/EQC – Pastoral Ministry
PMN6733/EQC – Christian Leadership
PMN6721/EQC – Administration and Education in the Local Church
MIS6560/EQC – Church Planting in a Global Context
EVA6611/EQC – Christian Growth and Discipleship

If you are interested in becoming a Ministry Apprentice or finding out more information, email Rush Witt.