We belong to the Pillar Network.
Pillar Network exists to cooperate with local churches, individuals, and businesses to promote church planting and church revitalization in North America.

Member churches cooperating within The Pillar Network will be responsible to:

* Maintain healthy cooperation with other Pillar Network Churches
* Be actively engaged in church planting and/or revitalization opportunities within the Pillar Network
* Fulfill all requirements noted within the Partnership Covenant
* Individuals and businesses will display healthy cooperation by giving of their time, giftedness, talents, and financial support in fulfilling the mission and vision of The Pillar Network
*Gospel driven to fulfill the Great Commission
*Emphasize live expository teaching and preaching
*Express stylistic freedom in music through Christ-centered worship
*Governed by a plurality of elders who oversee the local church
*Seek to develop true, biblical fellowship amongst its membership
*Assisting in church reform and revitalization
*Cooperate within the context of the Southern Baptist Convention
*Friendly to reformed, baptistic doctrine

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