Well, in our ongoing life with Covid we still are experiencing lots of changes. Businesses have closed or continue to struggle to make a profit. Who would have ever thought schools would shut down (though we would have welcomed that in my school days). No sports. No Masters Golf Tournament in April (big disappointment there). Paramount purchased a church building and the very next Sunday COVID adjusted our gathering, and basically all travel except for food and necessities. But we are making a way even as Covid constantly gives us the longest roller coaster ride we’ve been on. Though, come to think of it, I usually love roller coasters and always wish they would last longer or let me stay on for 3-4 continuous trips. But this is a ride I long to get off.

As we have seen on this ride, we’re trying in many ways to make a way back to what was “normal”. As a church we missed worship together in person, missed worshipping together on Good Friday and Easter, missed interacting with neighbors during the 4th of July Parade, and missed serving our community in many other ways. All of which has made it a challenge to tell people about the most amazing, life-changing story they will ever hear. The Good News of Jesus, the greatest love story ever told.

All that to say, we have a great opportunity coming up on October 29th (5:30 pm to 7:00 pm) as Bexley has decided to have Trick or Treat on the Sidewalk! Everyone will hand out candy to children and parents from the sidewalk. The people of Bexley will be out on their sidewalks and so will we make good use of the sidewalk around Paramount Church (corner of Merkle and Maryland)!

We plan to set up tables, spread out candy, wear our masks, and keep physical distance, as we greet passing neighbors and friends. I joyfully look forward to once again being with people who may not even know our church exists and may allow me an opportunity to tell them about Jesus! This is the part of the ride where we crest the hill and barrel down the other side! I hope you will make every effort to be there to love people in Bexley and our surrounding communities. 

We will need Paramount people to bring individually wrapped candies, small tables to place your candy on for distribution, and we need you to come prayed up for every moment crafted by God for us. We will continue to promote this on Sundays and all our social media pages if you have other questions. 

Lastly, as we are out and about more now than for a long time. So don’t wait till October 29th to share Jesus. Be focused and seize all the opportunities God gives us every day to tell others about His good news!