Dear Paramount Church and Guests:

Well, six hours passed and things changed. Our last update went out earlier today. In the previous update, we clarified our happiness with the COVID precautions we were using and that we planned to continue holding in-person Sunday morning ministry, while tightening up a few things on Sunday morning.

But then later in the day, the Ohio Governor elevated Franklin County to Purple: Alert Level 4, and made more stringent requests of residents and groups in the county. After giving pastoral consideration of the changes in consultation with our trusted professionals and partners, the pastors of Paramount agreed late this afternoon to adjust our COVID response as a church. 

Starting today:
1. Paramount Church will suspend our in-person Sunday gathering, and hold our Sunday worship service on Live Stream-only.
2. Community Groups held in “Purple” counties (e.g. Franklin County) will suspend in-person meetings, and hold CG on Zoom only.
3. Community Groups help in “Red” counties will continue to meet as they have been (hybrid of in-person and Zoom for those interested). 

We will maintain our daily evaluation of the situation, and make future adjustments as needed. We anticipate this new arrangement will continue for at least the next few weeks, and we look forward to the first opportunity we see to resume in-person gatherings and more as the Lord wills. 

This return to live-stream-only Sunday worship means we need everyone to exercise additional charity, patience, and support toward one another, and to take special initiative to attend worship online, to interact with one another during the week, and to seek to encourage and meeting needs in the body (spiritual and physical). 

We are grateful for your overwhelming support this year, as we have carefully determined what will most please God, care for our local church body, and honor our neighbors. We will never “get used to” virtual church gatherings, and pray we are more than halfway through the pandemic. We eagerly look and work forward to the day when we’ll get back to full steam for the gospel. 

During this time we as a church must fight for contentment in disappointment, joy in sacrifice, charity in disagreement, and unrelenting persistence in exalting our King. Our God is sovereign, wise, and good…and He is watching us.

Resting in the Gospel – 

The Paramount Pastors