Upcoming at Paramount

This Sunday we continue our preaching series through Paul’s letter to the Romans. We have been praying our time in this important book will bear fruit in our souls. The book of Romans is a magnum opus of biblical truth; it brings us foundational theology and it is truly A Letter to Live By.

In Romans 3:9-20, we will see that our sinful condition is made known to us through God’s good and perfect Law. The Law of God is like a hammer that crushes our sinful souls, preparing us to hear the comforting message of the Gospel. Living by the clear distinction between the Law and the Gospel is a most difficult art, but we are making progress each week. Consider taking time to read the passage before Sunday. And there’s still time to invite a friend or neighbor to come and hear God’s Word.

ABF and YBF is also an important part of our ministry together at Paramount. We will continue to study what Scripture says about the conscience. Each of us experiences the work of the conscience, but not everyone is prepared to deal rightly with the voice of our consciences. This is our purpose in ABF this semester. Join us at 9:30 am!

Finally, mark your calendars for Sunday, March 5th. Following the worship service, we will have a Paramount Church Members Meeting. We will review the 2017 budget report. This meeting is not closed to non-members, so if you are visiting Paramount please feel free to stay for the meeting.