Dear Paramount Members and Guests,

After careful consideration over the last month, we’ve decided to adjust our Sunday attendance. This coming Sunday, July 26, our morning worship will take place in the sanctuary AND in the ABF Room (aka Fellowship Hall). 

All church members and guests are invited to attend church every Sunday, with the ABF Room utilized as an overflow room. The ABF room will seat 12 households (social distanced), joining the live stream on a television and speaker. Our current attendance rotation will end, and Sunday morning seating will be first come, first served. Thus, those who wish to sit in the sanctuary should plan to arrive early. However, there may also be some folks with kids who prefer to sit in the ABF Room for added convenience, and they are welcomed to sit there straight away. And the livestream will remain available for those not ready to worship in person. 
Our worship service time continues to be at 10:30 am. 

Masks remain required for now, as a decision of the pastors (with the exception of kids 10 and under, and those with a medical exception). We will continue monitoring the state of COVID in Bexley and other communities, and make other adjustments as needed. Thank you for your patience.

Children remain in the care of their parents for worship in the sanctuary or ABF Room, as we seek a way to responsibly resume children’s ministry on Sunday mornings.  

This update to our Sunday morning plan will allow all Paramount members and guests to attend every week, while still observing the health guidelines we have established for our church. Also, we encourage you to continue sharing the gospel and inviting others to join you at church. We believe in the current moment of trouble God calls us to love our neighbors, share the Gospel, and make disciples. In this frowning providence, God has given us a prime opportunity to point others to His smiling face in Christ.

Thank you for your patience, faithfulness to Jesus, generous love toward friends and foes, and vocal support of your church and pastors, as we all work labor together to make the Gospel paramount. We are eager to see what Gospel blessings and opportunities our King has planned for us next. 

Please direct to pastors any questions about the Sunday morning adjustments.

– The Pastors